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Discover the epitome of contemporary sophistication with microcement flooring. Crafted from a blend of cement, polymers, and fine aggregates, microcement offers a seamless and refined finish for any space. Its remarkable durability ensures resilience against water, stains, and high foot traffic, rendering it a perfect solution for both commercial and residential environments alike. Elevate your floors with the timeless allure of microcement and redefine elegance in your living or working space.

Microtopping Floors

High Quality Promise


If you are looking for a modern and elegant floor finish, then micro cement flooring is an excellent choice. Micro cement is a floor finish

Revolutionize Your Space with Microtopping Services from

At, we specialize in transforming ordinary floors into extraordinary masterpieces with our premium microtopping services. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek, modern finish for your commercial space or a luxurious makeover for your home, our team is here to exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Microtopping?

Microtopping is a cutting-edge flooring solution that combines durability with unparalleled aesthetic appeal. Crafted from high-quality cement, polymers, and fine aggregates, microtopping creates a seamless, elegant surface that enhances any environment. With its resistance to water, stains, and heavy traffic, microtopping is the ideal choice for both commercial and residential spaces.

  1. Microtopping Makeover: Transform your floors with our microtopping makeover service. Whether you want to rejuvenate outdated surfaces or elevate the style of your space, our expert technicians will deliver stunning results.
  2. Custom Design: Personalize your microtopping flooring with our custom design options. From intricate patterns to unique color combinations, we’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind look that reflects your vision.
  3. Commercial Solutions: Elevate the ambiance of your business with our commercial microtopping solutions. From retail stores to restaurants, our durable and stylish flooring options will leave a lasting impression on your customers.
  4. Residential Excellence: Bring luxury into your home with our residential microtopping services. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, our team will transform your floors into works of art.

Microtopping provide a durable finish, suggesting they can withstand heavy use.


They offer resistance to wear and tear, indicating longevity.


Microtopping come in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing for customization to suit individual preferences and design needs.

We Deliver High-Quality Home and Commercial Renovation Services

Suitable for use in homes, businesses, or industrial settings, indicating broad applicability.

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Transform Your Floors: We Travel Across the USA, Serving New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey Areas Within a 100-Mile Radius

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“Outstanding Business Service! Highly Recommended! Juan and his team transformed my store floor, leaving it gleaming with a fantastic finish. I appreciate Juan’s kindness towards my employees. I highly recommend their services!”

Outstanding Business Service! Highly Recommended! Juan and his team transformed my store floor, leaving it gleaming with a fantastic finish. I appreciate Juan's kindness towards my employees. I highly recommend their services!"
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C. Bonett
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